Equitop Pronutrin 3kg


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Equitop Pronutrin® is a dietetic complementary feed for the reduction of stress reactions in horses.


Equitop Pronutrin® contains 77% Apolectol™, a unique combination of fruit and vegetable fibres, glycerol and lecithin. The properties of the various ingredients in Equitop Pronutrin® provide nutritional support for horses with symptoms of gastric stress reactions such as poor appetite, poor performance (e.g. sport horses), loss of appetite, loss of weight, general depression, bruxism, colic, increased salivation and cribbing.

Equitop Pronutrin® delivers the following proven benefits:

  • A unique combination of pectin fibres, lecithin and glycerol called Apolectol™
  • Apolectol™ provides a natural double protection of the sensitive mucosa. It stabilises and regenerates the protection against the aggressive gastric acids and at the same time prevents an excess of gastric acid in the stomach
  • Lecithin reinforces the hydrophobic lining of the intestinal wall
  • Pectin stabilises the secretion of protective mucous. Pectin also increases the buffer capacity and raises the pH level of the stomach contents


Equitop Pronutrin® is a pellet formulation for oral administration. The presentation form is 3.5 kg. One measuring spoon contains 50 g pellets.
See the production information sheet for further information on feeding recommendations.

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